Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Real World Optimization Boosts Sales

Google’s algorithms are regularly updated in attempts to improve the efficiency of bringing clickable content to the audience. For marketers, that means constantly chasing the shifting shadows of SEO advice and mythology. The race can be exhausting until you shift your focus to what really matters.

Running after SEO myths doesn't drive sales. So what strategies DO work?
Running after SEO myths doesn't drive sales.
So, what strategies DO work?

Perfecting SEO

Although perfecting SEO is about as exact a science as catching fog in a butterfly net, it is possible to bring your content to the audience and increase your visits, click-throughs, and sales. By offering your audience what they really want- well-researched, clear information and engaging content, you can truly optimize your site and drive your sales.

“High Quality” Content

First, it’s important to understand how Google’s latest algorithm works. Google is constantly working to bring higher quality content to the audience. But what, exactly, is “high-quality content?”
Simply put, it is content that brings value to the customer. It is content that the audience reads and shares. It is content that entices the audience to buy- because, after all, sales support advertising by providing the means of payment for ad space- companies with no sales don’t have money to advertise. Google’s algorithms aren’t based on some lofty idea of creating the perfect Internet. They’re designed to drive sales.
You don't need to be this guy to figure out Google's algorithms.
You don't need to be this guy to figure out Google's algorithm goals.

Google’s goals are also your goals- Google wants to get a product that the audience wants to buy in front of those individuals who are most likely to open their wallets and purchase the products. You want to get your products in front of those individuals who are most likely to purchase your products. You’re not working to trick the system with SEO- you’re working the system.

Tags, Images, and SEO, Oh My!

The advice you’ll find from most “SEO Experts” focuses on optimizing tags, using specific keywords and search terms, and link backs. While these are all important concepts in optimizing your content, if you’re focusing on optimization, you’re missing the mark! You’re focusing on the wrong strategy. Why? Because optimization is not about manipulating the algorithm. It’s not about tricking Google into showing customers your page and products- it’s about presenting the content that provides the most value to your customers, which in turn, ranks highest in the Google search.
Some SEO "experts" try to turn you into a used car salesman
Some SEO "experts" try to turn you into a used car salesman.
Rise up. Offer quality content that engages the audience.
Quality ranks higher in Google. Offer your customers quality content, and start building the industry reputation and the relationships with your customers based on trust and respect. That’s real optimization, and it translates into sales.